HP Helion Openstack

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a non-profit foundation comprising a growing number of industry leaders with the expressed purpose of developing, testing, and documenting the software required to produce and maintain massively scalable public and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds.

OpenStack is an open-source software, which means that the initial code can be used and changed by anyone. OpenStack project was originally launched by NASA and Rackspace and the base code was combined from NASA Nebula platform and the Rackspace Cloud Files platform. As the time goes by many contributors continue to add significant code updates, including Hewlett-Packard.

OpenStack Technology

OpenStack is a Cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage and networking resources throughout a data center.

OpenStack CNS

The whole system is managed through an OpenStack dashboard, which is an intuitive Web Interface that gives administrators control over OpenStack environment and users ability to provision resources. The architecture of OpenStack system is based on flexibility to maximize options for designing different Cloud solutions. There are no proprietary hardware or software requirements and you can integrate OpenStack with legacy systems and third-party technologies. Because of these abilities, OpenStack stands in the front-line of Cloud technologies. The Hewlett-Packard company is bringing out the „New Style of IT“ and their latest research shows, that most of the customers will move their IT to Hybrid Cloud. One of the main reasons is that customers want to use their existing environment.

An overview of the primary core services of OpenStack:

Nova (Compute) – Provides virtual servers on demand
Heat (Orchestration) – orchestration solution, helps with resource provisioning for deploying a Cloud
Cinder (Block Storage) – Provides persistent block storage to VMs
Swift (Object Storage) – Provides object storage
Glance (Image Repository) – Provides repository for virtual disk images
Horizon (Dashboard) – Provides Web-based dashboard for performing most Cloud operations
Neutron (Networking) – Provides connectivity between OpenStack services
Keystone (Authentication) – Provides authentication and authorization for all services


HP Helion OpenStack

HP Helion OpenStack is a distribution based on OpenStack software, designed to fullfil requirements of enterprise customer seeking a Hybrid cloud. OpenStack project is in many ways similar to Linux project. Value of its base code is getting visibly higher with added software enabling interconnection with other proprietary or open products and services. HP Helion OpenStack is fully supported product by HP, containing all core components of OpenStack plus value-adds from HP, which are removing complexities of installing and running an open source project in an enterprise environment.

An overview of some value-add services in HP Helion OpenStack:

Provides possibility to deploy physical servers (like Nova provides Virtual).

OpenStack on OpenStack orchestration component, automating provisioning of cloud solutions, communicates with Ironic and Heat.

Provides link to an external Web catalog, which serves as a software repository, where you can download Cloud software.

REST-based component, provides Web-Interface for storage management, communicates with Cinder and Swift.

Inventory communicating with VMware vCenter servers, collecting available information from data centers. Those informations are later used for provisioning of ESX proxy nodes.

Provides DNS as a service.

Provides central place for collecting logs from the whole Cloud environment. Administrators doesnt have to check every node individualy.