Knowledge evidence … Is it really worth it?

One of the toughest questions in the field of the knowledge management is how to measure it. How valuable is the knowledge? How to justify investment in such “innovations” such as knowledge management?

One of the essential factors of knowledge management is that the measurements demonstrating the gap between the plans of the organization and what they have to achieve in practice. It is important to focus on the essence of the problem, to realize the available methods and discuss the role of labor experts.

It is very difficult to find factors how to measure the value while finding staff. It is said that “what can be measured can be further processed.” Therefore, if you are able to measure and visualize the intellectual capital, you have a far greater chance of succeeding in the market. There is never enough knowledge of how this “tacit” capital measure. Some programs analyze records of time spent at the customer, while others time spent at the computer, whether the goal is work or education. Another popular indicator is customer satisfaction.

Is this evidence really worth it? Does it have a meaning?

Many companies are trying to find programs that would facilitate smooth work, increase professionalism of staff and make the run of the business easy. Employers know that having specialists with key knowledge, helps them have good work done on one site and to develope know how on the other one (eg. internat trainings and so ).

There is therefore a strong case for initiating procurement programs that can record and process data at the same time a great internal importance. Tacit Minds software is intended for all groups of customers who work with people competencies. The Power of the tool Tacit Minds is especially high reliability of the information presented by the user tools. Take the first step! We will help you organize data in your company and strengthen your independence and self-sufficiency.