Tacit Minds


KM tools package called Tacit Mind is designed for all groups of customers that work with the competences/skills of people, whether they are companies operating within one country or internationally. The system can be deployed in RM and HR departments where it is necessary to know the exact date and competencies of employees. The system is used by all employees to register their personal educational plans and competency maps. It provides them continuous information about the status of their work outputs.

Our customers providing consultancy services use the system to search for experts to staff their projects. Tacit Minds tools effectively respond to knowledge request. The accurate search is provided within seconds. It is the true, the more employees company has, the more efficient and greater the saving is.

The employee skill information is gathered from different sources. First, from the internal complex skill area matrix which is directly connected to KRP engine. Next, there are other sources like extended user profile, project history, time sheets and last but not least gathered via knowledge social network called Tacit World which allows users to communicate. Of course there is a linkage to worldwide social networks like Linked In.

The power of Tacit Minds lies in high reliability of presented information. Response is delivered in a second compared to competing products. The user interface is so sophisticated and customizable to the customer needs that work with data is more than nice. It is a pleasure. As it turns out many customers, effective use of tools not only leads to large financial savings associated with a saving working time, but on the management level also to a greater understanding of the behavior of employees, style of communication and knowledge dissemination. Implementing Tacit Minds may be the first step on the road from the common company to the knowledge organization.

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