Tacit World


Transformation of the company into knowledge based organization is very challenging mission in all directions.

KM concept Tacit World package using TM tools Tacit Minds helps with the implementation of effective strategies for managing people’s competencies and significantly saving costs in every company. The system helps maintain codified KM strategy and use it as support for the newly sett personal KM strategy that allows you to work better with the tacit knowledge of people.

Every new employee in the company initially generates only costs, only later in the context of proper knowledge management strategy becomes an asset. The goal of any HR department is to get him or her to that position as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The role of Tacit Minds tools in the hands of HR managers are not only to accelerate the process of employees involvement in the daily process, but to set his learning curve. This will initially appear on his or hers confidence and reliable work.

The system has no limitation in number of employees or management levels concerned.

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