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People have basicaly a lot of knowledge and skills. Most of human capabilities is hidden. These are called Tacit knowledge. People in a position of workers present to their employers only a part of their abilities and usually only those that fit in a given situation. HR department within the organizational structures describing jobs as requirements for knowledge and skills that can only think that they are needed.  However realistically  there is a big difference between true knowledge of employee and competencies, which are required for particular job. Both in terms of planning and work.

How could we describe the knowledge, experience and human behavior to know that they are able to effectively carry out their work?

How do we know that they are qualified for their job? Is it possible to capture peoples knowledge, while 90 percent of all knowledge is formed in the minds of people? Tacit knowledge generally represent an invisible line in the budgets of companies, however just tacit knowledge define the quality of the intellectual capital of the company. Imagine that you know exactly what every employee knows and understands.

Imagine that you can accurately describe requirements of a particular job. Our product portfolio in the field of knowledge management solves primarily misunderstandings between what the worker actually does and what the recruiter thinks the workers skills are. Each company has enormous potential in their employees. But how to correctly occupy the position of our own staff, when we do not know their hidden talents?

We will prepare customized solution that will solve your problem:

  • Proper selection of suitable employee for a particular position
  • Proper relocation of workers between positions
  • Lack of knowledge about relationships and dependencies between human capabilities
  • Lack of information about human abilities in different situations
  • Comparing skills and knowledge among employees
  • Dissatisfaction of employers in probation period of employees employment
  • The frustration of young people from unfulfilled expectations on taking up employment.

Our Knowledge Management Framework Tacit World uses KM tools Tacit Minds and advanced core data processing engine Precise Skill Targeting will help with the gradual moving of your company to a knowledge-based organization that works on the principles of Knowledge Management and continuous improvement.

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