ICD Design


Architecture of IS / ICT systems is an important communication tool for the developers of the systems and the company’s management for enterprise applications. Architecture design of system environment, communication, process methods, principles of creation and data management fundamentally affect the future function and operation of the system, the costs of acquisition, management and time of future functioning.

The proposed architecture of IS / ICT must support these features:

  • Strategic orientation – The ability to support the business strategy to achieve the strategic objectives of the company
  • Functional spectrum – Cover of all user requirements for the system functions
  • Integrability – System ability to integrate in terms of functional, data, software, hardware and user interface
  • Openness – The ability to receive additional technology components (SW, HW) without compromising functionality and operability of the system
  • Flexibility – The ability to respond to new user requirements without changing the programmed code
  • Easy maintenance – Creating a system in such an environment, to ensure the ability of relatively simple and low cost modification
  • Effective serviceability – Ensuring reasonable time transaction processing, operational reliability, data security of the systems failure and data protection from unauthorized use

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