ICT Tuning


In the area of ​​performance tuning of information technologies we provide mix of activities aimed at optimizing the performance of servers, storage, network, and applications.
The output of performance tuning e.g. in database instance is a proposal of more effective sets of database tools recommendation for the selection of the database management system (DBMS) and the configuration database environment (OS, CPU, etc.) Tuning database aims to maximize the utilization of system resources to perform the work, what efficiently and quickly as possible. Despite the fact that most of the systems designed to be able to control the use of system resources, there is always plenty of room for improving their efficiency by adapting the configuration database and DBMS.
Performance can be defined as a computer system behaves given a particular workload. Performance is measured in terms of system response time, throughput and availability. It is also influenced by the resources that we have available on your system and how well these resources are used and shared.

Generally, we tune the system to improve the cost-benefit ratio. When tuning performance we always define concrete goals that can consist of:

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