ICT Management Support


In the field of ICT we focus on supporting the streamlining of ICT management and operational processes, and the update of medium and longterm plans. These plans usually precedes the development of the ICT strategy, where we are trying to project a vision of customer needs in a comprehensive development plan for at least two years ahead.

The result of the analysis and discussion on the strategy is usually:

  • Proposals and recommendations to the future development of ICT
  • Proposals for changes in operation guidelines and procedures
  • Proposals for amendments to guidelines (standards) relating to ICT projects and the inclusion of ICT systems in the environment

The result of the analysis of management and operational processes is usually:

  • Service catalog in selected areas of ICT
  • Description of the global architecture with respect to the information strategy
  • Description of the ICT service model
  • Inventarizace aktivních aplikací a IS ve vybraných oblastech ICT
  • Creating a logical ICT data flow model
  • Evaluation and design of any adjustments to the concept of ICT

Our consultants can work with UML supporting tools such as Enterprise Architect.

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