ICT Change Management


Any properly functioning ICT organization is constantly changing as the environment of the rest of the companz changes. Lack of ICT flexibility and adaptability, which often accompanies the process of change is caused by human characteristics such as fear of news or fear of change, and especially the tendency not to spend more effort associated with a change.

In order to change the organization and to promote ICT, it is necessary to understand the specific reasons why there is resistance to change, to become familiar with the procedures to minimize it and create a high chance of successfully managing change.

Our services aim to improve and develop the ICT skills of workers to promote and manage change in an organization. We provide services such as:

  • Preparation of analysis of the current situation of ICT in relation to other units of the company
  • Revision of how ICT is in line with the corporate culture
  • Clarifying the issue of changes
    • Change management, Change implementation
    • Understanding of change, triggers for change
    • Change as the application of new ideas and behaviors
    • Change as a continuous process
    • Approaches to the strategy and approaches to change
  • Setting targets and measuring progress
  • Evaluation

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