About us

The company INTEDO has been operating in the world information technology market since 2005. Since 2012, we also operate globally in the area of optimization and virtualization of ICT infrastructure. From the beginning, IT processes and IT Operations were our focus. Later, we have built a specialization in IT Service Management, project management and consultancy in an area of optimizing the cost of IT operations. We deliver fine-tuned specific solutions to address customer pain points. We work on the technological level like hardware and software, as well as on the process level like organization of work and a proper use of the available tools.

With the growing popularity of open infrastructure, we have built up expertise in private/public clouds and technologies like Kubernetes. During the implementation of projects with customers, we found that most of the human know-how is hidden in the minds of workers and not easy to have the right people with the right skills at the right time. We have created concept of Precise Skill Targeting, a solution for the collection and sorting people skills as a base of knowledge management and for growth of knowledge-based organizations. We partner with MERIIS in area of SAP solutions, with Opentext in area of software tools, with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in area of hardware. As a partner of Opentext we have developed a few custom applications as an add on for Opentext products.

Our supplies are mainly delivered as projects, however, in certain situations, we also deliver under the Time&Material conditions. Our services are based on the experience and knowledge of the consultants who are part of our project teams. We acquire new knowledge by training, practice, and communication with the participants in discussion forums. We follow the recommendations of ITIL and PRINCE2. When realizing projects, our consultants get confirmed how important it is to have properly designed and operated end-to-end processes such as proper documentation of operated solutions, to have a well configured system from the change management point of view starting with workflow to automatic provisioning, to have material prepared for testing, to have development methodically mastered, to be able to detect errors in the operation soon, and to quickly find the cause of the problem, and to be able to clearly identify the relationship to the key business processes. The specific deep knowledge of various technologies is held by our external consultants who work with us in a long-term partnership. Hence, we can deliver even complex solutions and projects.

Our services will always move you one step closer to the realization of your goals.