Service Management Automation

We provide a digital self-service experience for IT and non-IT services with mobile GUI for operators, native mobile application for end users, virtual agents, social collaboration, ChatOps – driven by machine learning, analytics, and automation – based on Opentext (Micro Focus) SMAX technology.

<p>Machine learning, analytics based service desk</p>

Machine learning, analytics based service desk

Automatically route service requests, find answers with advanced search, and identify patterns in incidents, requests, and other records to fulfill requests and solve issues quickly.

<p>Smart self-service with social collaboration</p>

Smart self-service with social collaboration

An engaging self-service user experience,  mobile applications for end users as well as for operators, virtual agents (bots), social collaboration, and ChatOps driven by machine learning, analytics, and automation.

<p>Modern service management that goes beyond IT</p>

Modern service management that goes beyond IT

A single solution for ITIL aligned IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Enterprise Service Management such as human resource workflow, project-application-service portfolio management, and budget-timesheet-knowledge management.

<p>Codeless configuration and easy upgrades</p>

Codeless configuration and easy upgrades

Create user-defined process-based applications including tables and workflows without writing any code. Seamless upgrades are automatic, providing instant access to new features every time.

<p>Multi-tenancy, not only for your GDPR compliance</p>

Multi-tenancy, not only for your GDPR compliance

Deployment of multiple tenants per installation enables you to host and manage ITSM environments for multiple entities with a single user interface.

<p>flexible deployment options</p>

flexible deployment options

Single platform for continuous operations based on container technology and analytics supports deployment in physical, virtual, and cloud environments including INTEDO, AWS and Microsoft Azure.