Automation and Robotization

Increasing the efficiency of business processes by automating them and minimizing routine tasks performed by people. Solving the problem of staff shortages through the use of IT robots. Use the intelligence and creativity of your people for activities that require human skills, leave routine work to robots and give your people more satisfaction from their work.

<p>Robotization and the way to business advantage</p>

Robotization and the way to business advantage

  • Robots can work 24 hours without interruption and accurately perform a huge number of tasks automatically and at very high speed.
  • Robots can be used to automate business activities over your key applications, HR, IT, sales, customer service, finance, compliance, audit and healthcare activities.
  • Quickly see the benefits of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) by selecting the right processes for robotization and automation.
  • The robot can effectively control both the graphical interface of human-designed applications and digital interfaces that cannot be used by humans but allow digital communication between programs.
<p>Robot Resistance</p>

Robot Resistance

  • Robots do not mind repeated activities, do not suffer from human emotional stress, can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Robot operations are smooth, which simplifies expected performance planning.
  • RPA technology allows robots to identify more than 600 user interface objects in hundreds of applications – from SAP to terminal, web and Windows emulation.
  • Use advanced object recognition to record objects according to their properties and can automatically adapt to changes in the size, color or position of these objects in GUI applications.
<p>Centralized Robot Orchestration</p>

Centralized Robot Orchestration

  • Organize the work of multiple robots.
  • Combine user interface automation with API operations.
  • Use a rich API library — such as OCR, Office 365, and Service Management — or create your own.
  • Apply a wide range of workflow logic settings and take further steps based on decisions based on the results of previous steps, taking advantage of parallel processing and error handling options.
  • Launch, plan and monitor your robots from the center panel to keep track of your robots in one place.
<p>Scalability and Security of Robots</p>

Scalability and Security of Robots

  • Clusters of powerful orchestrators quickly assign work to robots using a queue-based architecture.
  • Orchestrators allow you to deploy one robot for one serial process or place multiple robots in parallel.
  • Robots have a unique ID, run on locked screens and use encrypted passwords.
  • All their actions can be monitored in detailed logs.
  • You can use access management to control the access rights of your robots.
  • With a wide range of error handling options, you can decide how to safely control all robot activities.