Competency Profiling

We provide Knowledge Management tools which give managers the ability to arm executives, marketers, salespeople, and customer service representatives with the organization’s top resources and help them work more efficiently. Having a library of top-performing resources available at all times increases productivity and reduces the chances that employees waste time searching for information or creating their own.



Our technology provides tools to avoid “If only we knew what we know“ kind of scenario. They help our clients to identify knowledge of employees and convert it from tacit to explicit form.



An effective knowledge map concludes with a collective view of the skills required to successfully perform each step in delivering a solution. We make sure it can be retrieved when needed.



Our ideas arise from the knowledge-based view of the firm. The re-use of knowledge is a human process and the degree to which it may contribute to organizational effectiveness depends on users.



Defined as the process through which one unit is affected by the experience of another, we treat skills of people as company’s most valuable assets which must be shared and re-used.